Manchester United bought the Portuguese sensation amid a difficult 19/20 Premier League season, with the Top 4 seeming out of sight. Having lost to Liverpool 2-0 away and kneeling against Burnley in the home arena with 0-2 defeat, Manchester United were bound to face Wolves and hoping to avoid three defeats in a row. That was when Bruno Fernandes was handed a debut, and although the match ended with a draw, Manchester United fans saw a glimpse of a player who could raise Manchester United from its ruins. Bruno subsequently scored 8 goals and 7 assists in 14 appearances to help United get Champions League qualification.

Bruno Fernandes has rarely had a bad day at the office since he joined United. The statistics are staggering, and you can undoubtedly say he has been the best player in the league for the last 12 months.

Attribute Value
Appearances 31
Goals 19
Assists 14

Seven Player of the Month awards have been rewarded since Bruno debuted on February 1st, and he has received four of them. No player has ever received 4 POTMs in a single calendar year. So, that’s a new trivia for you.
Manchester United are at the top of the table in January for the first time since Sir Alex Ferguson left.

Coincidence gif from GIPHY

Bruno Fernandes has been an exceptional player and a leader and mentor for younger players in the team. Manchester United has comeback from losing position multiple times this season, which shows how the team mentality has improved compared to previous seasons.

As a Manchester United fan, I am nothing but thrilled at the current position and the players’ attitude. The Premier League title has been long overdue, and I am certainly hoping we end this season on a good note. Bruno Fernandes is just a catalyst, and nothing shall improve unless every player on the team plays with the club spirit.

Keep the Red Flag Flying High!!!